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He was a bench warmer in high school with the nickname "Warm Up Bouton." His guidance counselor recommended a career as a forest ranger. People are still having trouble predicting what Jim Bouton might do next. This Yankee twenty-game winner, author of Ball Four, TV Sportscaster, actor, inventor, and businessman, is also a major league speaker. His presentation is a highly entertaining combination of anecdotes, insights and inspiration, tailored to his audience. And he's very very funny.


Bouton believes in focusing on the process as a way to achieve goals. He encourages his audience to think like athletes, to get into the fun of the enterprise, the challenge of long odds, the satisfaction in details, the thrill of extraordinary effort, the joy of work. It was his love of a challenge that led to his unprecedented comeback to the major leagues at the age of 39, after an eight year retirement. "The irony," says Bouton, "is that by focusing on the process you reach the goals more often."

Topics: Excellence / Teamwork / Change / Pressure / Humor.         Travel from Massachusetts.

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For more information e-mail bout56@aol.com

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